How-to for Streaming/Viewing in the Refereum Engine


Step 1: Login with your Twitch Account.

This allows us to measure your progress for streaming and viewing. Once you’ve successfully logged in on the Refereum Engine, new quests will appear that will allow you to stream and view for rewards! (After reading this article, of course)


Step 2: Choose a Live Stream on Twitch

In order to get rewarded for streaming/viewing, the feed MUST be live, and the “category” in Twitch MUST be the title of one of the Banner Saga games. Without that, there’s no way for us to know you’re participating!


Step 3: Start Streaming or Viewing

Sit back, relax and get rewarded for your time!





What if the streamer switches to another game or category?

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do… we suggest jumping in the chat and getting involved if you want to see more Banner Saga from the streamer! 


Why aren’t my points loading immediately?

Every 15 minutes, on a global clock, your points are updated. So cool your jets, go make some tea, you’ll see those rewards soon! Don’t worry, we’re all about accurately rewarding you for exactly how much effort and energy you put into engaging with these games. 


My points aren’t accruing, what gives?

First, double-check that you’re viewing a live stream, not an archived one. Next, check the “category” label under the video. Chances are, one of these are the culprit!