We’re all about growing communities and the opportunities we’re after are ENORMOUS...

Gaming is a $137BN industry, at last count there are more than 2.6B gamers globally. That’s 34% of the entire population of the earth! Live streaming games is a top emerging pastime around the world with 81% of viewers watching even more year-over-year. We’ve teamed up with two of the biggest franchises – Fortnite and Battlefield so far– and are announcing new gaming partners in the near future.

We’re a blockchain company and we’re building real solutions that will be used to solve big problems. We want to make sure more companies just like us continue to grow and ultimately succeed at bringing blockchain technology to the masses. We know that blockchain companies live and die by their communities. How can you have a successful product if no one knows about or uses it? We want to ensure that blockchain projects we’re passionate about can succeed using the tools and knowledge we developed during our launch. The Refereum Growth Engine is the output of that.

$RFR is traded on 7 exchanges around the world. Complete list here.

Our Refereum Growth Engine partners are already paying $RFR for access to the Refereum platform. Many of our partners purchase and hold $RFR as part of their campaign terms.

We’ve stacked our team with seasoned leaders with a proven track record of delivering great results. Seasoned doesn’t begin to describe the talent we’ve amassed here at Refereum:

  • Dylan Jones, CEO: Founder, CEO, and our fearless leader here at Refereum, the largest blockchain based referral network for the crypto and gaming industries. Prior to Refereum, Dylan co-founded Gamenest, an inclusive co-working space in the Bay Area for indie game developers. 

  • David Park, COO: Ex Facebook Product Lead and well-known blockchain advisor. David oversees product, sales and operational functions at the company.

  • Alistair Doulin, CTO: Our Chief Technology Officer has 15 years of software development experience in architecting large systems and team management. After meeting Dylan, the two have built several hobby games together, like Battle Group 2 (which can be purchased with RFR tokens here).

  • Sloane Earl, Head of Partnerships: Responsible for the company's business team’s structure and training. She brings a wealth of gaming knowledge to Refereum and plays an integral role in building Refereum's community and overall ecosystem of influencers and developers.

  • Philippe Beaudette, Head of Community: Previously the Director of Community Advocacy for the Wikimedia Foundation (Wikipedia) and more recently the Director of Community at Reddit. Philippe has built a team responsible for Community and Streamer Relations, Trust & Safety, and Support.

  • Jeanette Suh, Head of Product: Brings 10 years of experience in tech and is an expert on the best tools, practices, and products for advertising, consumer products, B2B solutions, and growth. Most recently, Jeanette was at Expedia, where she worked on the travel app that has grossed billions of dollars. Her product knowledge contributes greatly to helping helping build Refereum products, including the Growth Engine. 

  • Brian Gauld, Head of Marketing: Bringing a wealth of experience from PlayStation, Google/YouTube, and Improbable, Brian has taken up the marketing reigns at Refereum. His focus is on product marketing, messaging, and communications/PR.

  • Cheng Wang, VP of Finance: Most recently the CFO of WKSHP with a background as a controller and in risk analytics at Goldman Sachs. Cheng oversees everything finance at Refereum, focusing on treasury management, pricing, modeling, and reporting.

  • Scott Cameron, Head of Strategy: From Thoughtworks. Scott is responsible driving product strategy and increasing the dev teams velocity and quality.

  • Boris Giftge, Senior Software Engineer: Previously from Kixeye where he created chart topping games that scaled to millions of real-time users. Boris is helping us scale as we grow our user base into the millions.