In order to begin your purchase, you will need to create a new Cobinhood account

*Please note that residents of New York State and Japan will be unable to purchase through Cobinhood. 

To create your account, enter your email and create a password. Both disclaimer boxes must be checked in order to continue. 

Once you click "SIGN UP", you will be directed to verify your account via email.

If you did not receive the verification email, be sure to check your junk and spam folders.

Once your account is verified, you will be redirected to the Cobinhood page where you will need to sign in with your new account info. 

Once logged in, you can level up your account to increase your transaction limits by selecting "Account" at the top right of the screen. 

By returning the the RFR page, you will be able to begin a transaction by selecting “Buy” in the center right of the screen.

If you have further questions please email us at [email protected] or chat with us on Telegram or Discord :)