Get RFR on KuCoin Exchange

Vote for RFR to get listed on the KuCoin Exchange and get 200 points!

1. Go to KuCoin’s Telegram group (click “Send Message” if the Telegram app doesn't automatically open).

2. Click /start in your message with Voting_KuCoin_Bot.

3. Enter the email address you used to sign up to KuCoin. (If you haven’t already, sign up at KuCoin). 

4. Enter Refereum as the project to vote for.

5. Enter why you think Refereum should win (we’re great!).

6. Forward the "Your vote was registered." message from the KuCoin bot to @RefereumNewBot. 

To forward the message: 

  • Right click the “Your vote was registered” message

  • Click forward

  • search for refereumnewbot

  • Click send

7. When you receive a link in the message, click it and make sure you are logged into Refereum.

8. Watch your points grow by 200!