How to Refereum

We figured it’s time to finally explain, in the simplest of terms, how (and why!) the heck to Refereum. 

Why? Why ask why?

Easy: Streaming, viewing, and engaging on the platform all earn you points that eventually earn you $RFR tokens. 

Step 1: Just do it

Register at

So simple, even your grandmother can do it!

Step 2: Twitch on!

Make sure your Twitch is connected to your account. Then go to and check the box that says you're a streamer. If, you know, you are a streamer.

Now you can start streaming on Twitch, rackin’ up the sweet, sweet points. 

Step 3: Hype, hype, baby

Is there a Hype Week going on? If you're still resting from the previous one, make sure you’ve completed and claimed the points for all your Quests.

Go to the Hype Week or Streams tab and register as a streamer to complete the streaming-related quests.

Call me if you have any questions. But really, don’t. 

Step 4: Refer or die

Snag your referral link on the bottom right corner of your screen and blast that bad boy everywhere. Put it on your Twitch stream, your Facebook page, your Mixer dashboard,  even your lower back. Get your friends, your enemies, and your dad to register and engage. Whatever, wherever! The more Refereum followers you have viewing your stream, the higher you rank on the leaderboards for most of our contests. 

(Hours Watched = total hours streamed X # of viewers). Who said that algebra would never be useful?

This is your lifeblood.

Step 5: Do you, booboo

Build your tribe. Live your dream (job). Don’t forget to stand up and stretch.