Points put you into tiers with different prizes. The more points you have, the bigger the prize will be.

The first step to earning points is to sign up on the platform.


Keep an eye on Refereum.com, and you'll find that you see new quests appear for you to do.  The more you do, the more points you will get.  Some quests can be repeated multiple times, but others appear only once.  Take advantage, and do as many quests as you can, and you'll see the points rack up quickly! Claim your first quest by linking your Twitch account! 

Example of quests: "Refer your Friends", "Watch a Dying Light Stream" or even "Stream Battlefield V". 


If you spend a lot of time on Discord, you will earn more points than those who don't. The team members and mods are always on the lookout for regulars who are great additions to the community. Here are a few ways you can earn points in Discord:

  • Help new members and answer questions
  • Report any negative behavior to a mod or team member
  • Report any bugs you find, or mistakes in any piece of content
  • Create a Refereum-themed meme and post it in the #memes channel.
  • Participate in a trivia event or impromptu challenge
  • Get creative! Have an awesome idea that will help the community? Tell a team member about it and see if you can get some bonus points for it.