As explained in our anti-scam blog post, we are constantly educating the community to avoid scams. It has been brought to our attention that a scammer by the name of "Li Shinqin" is claiming to have 140,000 ETH of RFR (even though such a number was never sold or available), as well as tokens from other projects. Please be aware this scammer never had these tokens, nor have we worked with this individual. Report scams to [email protected]

正如我们的反诈骗博客文章所指出的那样,我们正在不断教育社区以避免诈骗。它引起了我们的注意,一个名叫“李新琴”的骗子声称拥有14万ETH的RFR(即使这样的数字从未被出售或可用)以及其他项目。请注意,这个骗局从来没有这些代币,或者我们是否与这个人合作过。向[email protected]举报诈骗行为