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SEASON 3 - Revised Point System

Refereum’s growth last season was phenomenal -- we now have over 650,000 users -- but it was so phenomenal that it surprised us. Our reward system had been structured anticipating a slower rate of growth and so many users were upset about Season II’s distribution. 

We want you to know that we’ve heard you, and that we’ve used your feedback to prepare this season’s structure. We think you’ll like the changes.

From 29 March 2018, here are the updates you will see: 

1. Higher Point System

Since the launch, it has become way too easy to get 500 points with all the social following and sharing capabilities. With so many levels and people in them, this diluted the pools too quickly. 

The minimum for:
Bronze is 1,500
Silver is 3,000
Gold is 6,000.

2. To prevent bots and bad actors:

In response, we have implemented a new safeguard on platform referrals. In order for the referrer to be rewarded, their referred new user must get past a point milestone that proves their participation. These limits will reduce bots while rewarding streamers fairly.

3. Updated Point Systems (from 29 March)

  • We are reducing points for Telegram referrals from 100 to 25.

You will earn the following: 

  • All streaming points has been increased by 1. 
  • 2 points per hour for watching a Refereum streamer.
  • 4 points per Refereum user that watches your stream.
  • Double points for streaming or watching streams of all games that are currently for sale on Refereum.com.

4. Member Levels 

The change is so major that I wanted to devote an entire section to it. Bronze, Silver and Gold Tier pools will no longer be split up equally. Your cut of the pool’s prize tokens will be weighted based on your number of points.

For example, a Silver level with 5,999 points will get more than a member with 3,000 points. We feel this will make distribution of prizes more fair.