Gamers and Streamers

If you need immediate help or want to speak to the team directly, you can do so by joining our community chats on Discord or Telegram. We also have a wonderfully helpful community that is happy to jump at the chance to help and answer questions.

Members of the Media

Credentialed members of the media who are seeking comment for a story should email [email protected]  A member of the team will be back with you shortly.

Law enforcement with an emergency


If you are a member of law enforcement seeking an emergency data disclosure, please be aware that we keep very little information about our users and may not be able to accommodate.  Additionally, we require a subpoena or search warrant from a court of competent jurisdiction prior to releasing information, except in cases where there is a substantial threat to life or limb.  The nature of the blockchain is such that much of the information that you seek may be publicly available, and we encourage you to take advantage of that prior to attempting to obtain information through us.

If the situation is an emergency that constitutes an urgent threat to life or limb, send your request ON AGENCY LETTERHEAD (a pdf version is sufficient), including your full contact information and a list of the information that you are requesting to and we will review it and determine what information we have and can disclose.  Include a statement, sworn under penalty of perjury, that the issue is one that constitutes a grave and imminent threat to life and limb, and describe the situation and how the data that we hold could assist in preventing it.  The request can be send to [email protected] and please put 'Law enforcement data request' in the subject line.