We have close relationships with Twitch and Unity3d, as they know this industry better than anyone else

But it's important to note, that Twitch and Unity are large billion dollar companies that are inherently more prone to the legal risk of the current blockchain ecosystem. We're looking forward to implementing their recommendations for the industry, use their best practice recommendations, discuss future roadmap solutions we can provide, make their great ideas, and various other collaboration efforts to help developers and influencers. And you can use Twitch accounts to sign up for Earn.Refereum.com, but there are no current plans to put tokens inside of those platforms or official deals. 

We hope to have some more announcements with these companies and more, but we would also like to stress we're not dependent on any one platform. Our solution is made to work across any platform — the platforms of today or the decentralized platforms of tomorrow — we support it all. We run off of links and have our platform live on Refereum.com, so that will be the hub for Refereum. Please make a free account and let us know what you think too!